Friday, May 3, 2013

Why NOT take all the signals from Forex LST? (and how to recognize them)

If forex trading was an exact science, everyone would win - and that is conceptually impossible. Divergences, however, are one of the most accurate conditions that indicate a retracement or correction in price. It is like the growling of a dog, before it bites. You don’t know when exactly it’s going to bite, but if you stay on course, it will. 

And it doesn’t mean that price reverses ONLY after a divergence - there are many factors that trigger it (just like not all dogs growl before they bite!). So we need to filter the entries a bit, in order to increase our chances of success. 

That is what Forex LST System does. It will show all the best divergences, but it will only give you a signal to enter when the right candle formation occurs (filter #1). 

That’s exactly when the human eye comes into play: with the aid of the price channel automatically displayed, the trader makes the determination whether the risk/reward ratio is favorable for trading (filter #2). 

So don’t just trade all divergences... pick the ones that make sense with the help of Forex LST System!

Hybrid Forex Strategy

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is a Divergence?

Most of the time, as price rises, the indicator will rise with it, proportionately and in “harmony”. Without trying to oversimplify it, the general idea behind a divergence is that it occurs when that harmony is broken. 

When price and indicator make different highs or lows from each other. For example, a bearish divergence occurs when price continues to make “higher highs”, but the MACD histogram makes “lower highs”. 

A bullish divergence happens when the opposite takes place: price makes “lower lows”, and yet the MACD histogram does not, and instead makes higher lows. 

When this happens, it is a reliable sign that the price will experience a correction or even a trend change. 

The Forex LST System was created to not only show you and warn you about those particular instances, but also point out the best possible entries for it. It is an impressive tool and a “must” in every trader’s toolbox.

Hybrid Forex Strategy

The LST built-in simulator - a CRITICAL element

So many robots and systems in the market today are concerned with sales, that they lack the necessary support to operate them properly. 

Vladimir Ribakov is an experienced, knowledgeable and successful trader. But beyond that, he is a teacher at heart. And an excellent one. 

It’s exactly why when he assigned his team to develop this, his first condition was that it needed to have an excellent built-in simulator for traders to be able to practice and learn before trading their accounts. 

With the simulator, you will be able to practice and try out different currency pairs, timeframes and conditions to determine what will suit you best in the “real” life. We all have different styles and one size does not fit all in forex. As you adjust the speed in which the candles develop, your eyes and your brain will go through a training process. 

This will allow you to, in a matter of seconds in real time, determine whether a signal is a good entry or not. It is an intrical part of the system and why it comes bundled with the Forex LST System.

Hybrid Forex Strategy